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Canadian non-resident income tax



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Moving abroad? - Leaving or returning to Canada?
Do you know what your tax status is? Are you considered as a Canadian resident or a non-resident by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec? Did you know that income tax payable depends on your TAX STATUS when you live abroad?


“If you do nothing about your tax status, the governments will establish it, at their advantage….. Not yours…"
"Tax planningshould be on the top of your ‘’things to do’’ list prior to leaving Canada or returning to Canada, whether you are an individual or a company!”

You have been abroad, hopefully made some money, and you are now returning to Canada to enjoy the fruits of your labour.  But, as Andrew Coyne explains, some careful planning is needed if you want to keep your money”.
Thinking about what you need to do to prepare for your trip and return is not usually the first thing on the mind of those planning and setting out on an international adventure.

Unfortunately for many, the Canada Revenue Agency, formerly Revenue Canada, does not have much sympathy for the individuals and companies that did not prudently plan their affairs to achieve an optimal tax result.
Whether you are a company or an individual entering or leaving Canada, you need information and guidance to minimize the amount of Canadian tax that you are required to pay and identify what your specific responsibilities are under the law.

Expat Tax Planning

“Do not let any government determine your tax status”.
Expat Tax planning can help you avoid tax problems by going with you through a check list used by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec to determine what your tax status is and to make sure you will not have bad surprises! We offer complete tax services under one roof to Canadian expatriates and Canadian immigrants working and living abroad, at an affordable price.  We can help your prior to your departure, during your stay and when returning to Canada. 
Expat Tax Planning Services

Here is an overview of the key services offered to expatriates.  General business and financial risk areas.

Expatriate Services:

  • Assistance to inpatriates: foreign companies and immigrants in Canada (investors, employees, professionals, etc.)
  • Become a Non-Resident (or a Resident) for Tax Purpose
  • Establish a corporate structure abroad
  • Help and assistance for tax problems (expatriate income tax) – in Canada and abroad
  • Help for unreported income from work, rental, investments, capital gain, interest, etc.
  • Help for unreported taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec
  • How to avoid double taxation
  • Income tax services for expatriates
  • Income tax return filing services - non-resident
  • Investment planning services in Canada and abroad (Referral)
  • Investment and tax planning services when working, living or investingabroad (Referral)
  • Offshore banking services (Referral)
  • Real Estate and Tax Planning
  • Retire comfortably abroad
  • Tax filing and requirements
  • Tax problems – Abroad or in Canada
  • Tax Services (Income tax and sales taxes GST/HST, QST/PST) for a
  • Canadian business abroad
  • Tax status
  • Trust

Tax Services for individuals and businesses include:

  • Asset protection and trusts and offshore protections trusts
  • Assistance for real estate transactions
  • Estate planning for expatriates living in Canada or Canadians living abroad
  • Expatriate tax return
  • Financial planning
  • Help for unreported and undeclared foreign income 
  • Help for unreported and unpaid sales taxes (GST/HST, QST/PST)
  • Information on treaties and agreements between Canada and other countries in the world
  • Incorporation policies 
  • International effectiveness when choosing employees-employers
  • International conventions and pensions
  • Tax planning including non-resident status, income tax filing and sales tax report
  • Tax problems related to income tax and sales taxes
  • Technology transfer

Expat Tax Planning - Thinking Ahead

But for Canadian citizens intending to work and live abroad for a period of time before returning to Canada, it is imperative that forward planning of this kind is close to the top of the ‘things to do’ list.

Not least of the perils of being unprepared are unexpected tax hits and/or problems of a government assessment.
Timing is the crucial factor here, but if you are on a short-term contract, or in an international ‘fire fighting’ role, you may be called back to Canada on a relatively short notice.

If this is likely, then even more pressing is the need for you to put a contingency plan in place before you leave Canada.

Expat Tax Planning can provide you with the information that you require to minimize your Canadian tax liability and meet all of the related filing requirements.

Tax planning services for companies and societies

Expat Tax Planning provides a wide range of services.  We can help you minimize income tax and maximize your net income after taxes.
We can also:   

Deal with the tax authorities on your behalf
Handle accounting and do bookkeeping
Provide assistance when completing the various tax forms requested by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec
Solve your business problems tax wise. 
Analyse audit and financial reports to make the best business decisions. 
Maximize business profits with an effective tax planning. 
Plan your assets to reach your financial goals and reduce income tax or tax liability.
Evaluate general business risks and financial risks. 
Who can benefit from our services?
Our services are offered to Canadian expatriates before their departure, during their stay abroad and when returning to Canada. We also provide assistance to prevent and solve tax problems to foreign investors, foreign companies’ employees, foreign professional workers and foreign companies in Canada.  
Why Expat Tax Planning Team?
  • All tax services under the same roof
    • All our tax services are provided under the same roof allowing us to answer more efficiently and rapidly to our clients’ needs, at an affordable cost.
  • Easy access to our services even if your are already abroad
    • In Montreal, Laval, Quebec city, Ottawa-Gatineau, we can meet with you face to face. If you are already outside of Canada, we can also help you at our office or by telephone and e-mail.  More than 80 % of our clientele is located abroad. We help our clients while they go on with their daily activities…
  • Experience
    • Expat Tax Planning is a Canadian company, composed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals and individuals, which combined experience represents over 100 years of experience in tax planning.
  • Professional services to all our clients
    • We provide the same assistance to a Canadian individual or company leaving or returning to Canada, a foreign Company or an immigrant (professional) moving to Canada, a Company or an individual investing in Canada.
  • Tax equity : everyone has the right to have access to tax planning at an affordable cost
    • We want to allow companies, including a small business or a medium business, and independent workers, as well as individuals (resident or non-resident) such as employees, snowbirds, etc., to have the possibility of doing some tax planning and obtain the possibility of acceding to tax services without having to pay the fees charged by large corporations. 

Let Expat Tax Planning’s team help you avoid tax problems such as double taxation and evaluate if you will be considered as a resident or a non-resident by the tax authorities. ----The government might consider over 20 elements to evaluate your tax status. We will go through the checklist with you. 

In Montreal, Laval, Quebec city, Ottawa-Gatineau, we can meet with you face to face. If you are outside of Canada, we can also help you by telephone or Internet. More than 80 % of our clientele is located abroad.

For Canadian citizens intending to work and live abroad for a period of time before returning to Canada, it is imperative that forward planning figures on top of your ‘things to do’ list. Not least of the perils of being unprepared are unexpected tax hits. To prevent tax problems, plan ahead by calling:

Ottawa-Gatineau Office

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Fax: (450) 672-2470
Toll Free: 1 (866) 411-1333
Email:  info@expat-tax.ca

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